Tuesday, May 3, 2011

17 days, double cardio and 5 pounds . . .

I have long preached the notion that you can't exercise enough to make up for the sins of a bad diet. I have known it but never experienced it, until now.

Kelly and I took off on a 17 day vacation in mid-April. We were treated to great hotels and restaurants and then to a week's cruise. No limits. No measuring. Wine and a cocktail every now and then. Deserts. Reminded me of the old days.

Stayed on the workout schedule, never missed and even did double cardio each day on the ship.

Deep down I was hoping it would work.

But hope is not a plan and I knew intellectually that no amount of exercise would compensate.

And, when I got home and got on the scales I learned that reason trumps hope, at least when it comes to your weight.

I put on 5 pounds in those 17 days.

Now, I am going to lose them and another 5 to get me sharp for the summer. Indeed, I am already on it.

FYI, I got an IPad 2, a habit worse than heroin, maybe even worse than cheesecake.

But I found some new diet and exercise software that runs on the Ipad that I like so much that I have switched. It is called "My Net Diary." More on some of its great features in a future blog.

Train hard. Diet harder! I will be.