Monday, August 30, 2010

Opportunities On The Road - Chest at Gold's Gym - St. Louis, Missouri

Back to Gold's Gym in Fenton, Missouri this rainy morning.

This is what I call a "full-service" gym -- everything from a pool to a basketball court, huge classrooms to a cardio-cinema.  For some, that's great.  For me, it would be a waste of money.  I come to the gym, any gym, for the weights and the cardio equipment, nothing else.

But, on a day rate, you get it all, or as much of it as you want.  I do object to $16 a day but when we came in this morning, Kelly asked if the pass was for "a day" or "24 hours."  The guy said, "I guess 24 hours."  We were there 23 hours after we entered the last time and so saved $32.  Try it.

Today we're back at the top of the order -- 18 sets of chest followed by 6 sets of calves and 30 minutes on a Cybex trainer for cardio/calorie burning.  And, on the road, calorie burning is important because it is hard to stay as strict as you can be at home.  At least that is true for me.

No new, latest-greatest machines to report today.  Chest is pretty much heavy pressing and fly routines.  I do like the Hammer Strength Incline plate-loaded machine, but we have one of those in my home gym and you probably do, too - good for the upper chest.

Before I forget, however, there is one machine I failed to mention in the last blog that is the best of the best for biceps -- it is the LifeFitness seated bicep pin-loaded machine.  Produces a pump like no other.  I've seen Jay Cutler use it in his videos and now I know why.  If you get a chance, use it!

Something else I like about this gym is the floor- a solid rubber surface.  Good because you don't have to be ginger with the weights.  Wish all gyms had great flooring . . .

We leave St. Louis this afternoon and will be working out in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area for the next four days.  I'll keep you apprised.

Train hard; diet harder.


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