Friday, November 12, 2010

Fitness: It Really Is A TEAM Effort

In response to my blog yesterday, my chiropractor and a critical member of my team, Dr. Jim Bourqe Starr, had this to say . . . I commend it to your review!

"Hi Jim, your chiropractic visit today had many great lessons not just for YOU and the athletes that train under your state of the art program but also for the health professionals that are part of the team of any these serious athletes. It is important to share some of these experiences that with your loyal followers of the Plus 50 Fitness as well as the medical staff who serve them all over the world.

"The chiropractor, trainer, nutritionist, physical therapist or M.D. who has the honor of sharing his/her skills with these athletes under your program must follow a different set of treatment criteria in order to be successful.

"First and foremost, the healer must put his EGO aside and understand he/she is PART of the team and not the HEAD of the team. These athletes like yourself are not just "weekend warriors" or "health club socialites." Your slogan, "Train hard, diet harder" says it all. You and your group are focused, dedicated and serious.

"Second,the health care professional (HCP) needs to understand that THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. The question of quitting or some form of mandatory rest doesn`t exist in the vocabulary of Plus 50 Fitness-type athletes. Therefore, the HCP needs to work within those parameters and seek to offer recommendations that will fit within those guidelines of treatment.

"Obviously, if there are questions of life and death, the HCP needs to lay all the cards on the table, or the athlete may find himself laying on the wrong type of table in a box! What we are dealing with is a measure of professional compromise in order to achieve maximum MEDICAL results but not at the expense of WORKOUT results.

"Finally, anyone over 50 years of age understands that the healing process takes just a tad bit longer than at 21 years of age. Patience and tolerance must be practiced by all members of the team. Working through the injury and/or the pain is a way of life with serious athletes. You and Kelly are serving as living proof of just plowing ahead everytime there is a setback. You both have experienced the truth that not only your training regimen must come in cycles of routines for maximum results but HEALING COMES IN CYCLES as well.

"Once athletes understand and accept this truth, any roadblock or physical setback is simply another lesson learned on this journey of body/mind training. You and Kelly should be commended for what you are offering to the world of athletes over 50. It is a way of life and a way to live healthier and happier.

"I am proud to part of your TEAM and I understand that it is not my job to tell you what to do or not to do but to offer professional advice so that WE may reach a conclusion that will serve the Plus 50 Fitness athlete at the highest level of not only health but of well-being. Looking forward to contributing to your growth."

- Dr.Jim
Dr. Jim Bourque Starr

(Note: Dr. Jim Bourque Starr literally saved my life. I went into his office more than 50 pounds overweight and suffering a terrible dizziness that was ruining my life. He adjusted me in more ways than one which alleviated the dizziness which gave me the energy and desire to get into shape. Without him, there would be no Plus50Fitness.)

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