Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Big Switcheroo

During the 6 weeks of FST-7, I put on 6 pounds -- up to 177.8

Between now and New Year's the goal is to see how much of that was muscle and how much was fat.

So, it's back to calorie-restriction for the next several weeks. 


But it has to be done.

The first 5 came off easy, as always.

Now at 172.4 -- on the way to 168. 

Will see how it all looks at that weight.  Hopefully, I won't have to be lighter to get sharp. 

Plan is to lean back down to less than 10% bodyfat (whatever that weight is) and then I'll know the rest was lean muscle added.

And, then what?

And then back to the cycle.

Back to bulking January 1 for 6 - 8 weeks, again on FST-7.  It's the most dramatic mass -gainer we've found.

Only issue now is injury.  Seems my lower back objected to FST-7 and, well, I don't care.

Had a great chiropractic adjustment today via Dr. Jim who said, "You need to lighten and be adjusted more often."

I replied, "I'll meet you half way.  I'll get adjusted more often but not only I am not going lighter, I'm going heavier."

That's the deal.  Sometimes success is just sucking it up.

Train hard; diet harder.


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