Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FST-7 - The Final Week

I can't say enough about FST-7 . . .

It is by far the most intense programs I've ever done.

This is our fourth and final week before a full week off.

FST-7 is a bulking routine, which means performed properly it will increase strength and muscle mass.  The only thing it needs is intensity and calories.  That's right -- calories.  With its focus on maximum micro-tearing of the muscles, you must have excess calories to burn.  This is NOT a routine to try while on a restricted calorie diet.

Kelly and I have both noticed a remarkable increase in strength over the 4 weeks.  Mass, too.

The question is how much of this mass is lean muscle and how much is fat?  We know there is some of both as will happen anytime you are bulking - that is using heavy weight and combining it with plenty of protein and calories.

We will know the answer to that sooner than later.  After our week off, we come back to a new routine, one that focuses on cutting.  That means we go back to calorie restriction, strip off whatever fat has been added and see what is left.  We'll use the calipers to measure lean body mass.

I know there are some people relatively new to the gym who read this blog.  My best advice:  DO NOT TRY FST-7 until you have had at least one full year in the gym working out hard, not missing, and being able to work through the pain.  Also DO NOT TRY FST-7 if you are trying to lose weight.  You will only hurt yourself and, even worse, not accomplish much because your body will look for food, find none, and feed on its own lean muscle mass.  Not good.

On the other hand, if you want to put on a few pounds of muscle, have a great training partner who can force you through the "7's," are willing to risk a little fat added, and being sore most of the time is not a deal-breaker, go for it!  You can learn more about FST-7 and Hany Rambod's training theories at

Next week, while we're off, I will be designing our diet for the next 6 weeks as well as our workout program, with a view to come into the Christmas season lean.  Then, starting the first of next year, we'll start bulking again.  Such is the reality of making your body the best it can be -- always bulking or cutting, but never staying the same.

Train hard; diet harder.


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  1. Hey Jim,

    This sounds very interesting, where can I see the FST-7 program? I want to do it my self.