Saturday, October 16, 2010

FST-7: Taking It To The Limit

We finished our second week of FST-7 workouts this morning - about 20 sets of shoulders followed by calves.

That's two weeks down and two weeks to go before taking off a week and healing up.

So, what's the verdict?

FST-7 is a series of workouts developed by Hany Ramod who trains a lot of top bodybuilders.  "FST" stands for Fascia Stretch Training, and the "7" refers to the seven sets performed for the final exercise of a target bodypart.   I won't get into the details here but you can find out more about FST-7 at

Here's a few conclusions I've drawn after two weeks . . .

1.  This is not a workout for beginners.  It is tough even if you've been at it a while.

2.  It is a tendon stressor.  If you have tendonitis, this is not going to make it better.  

3.  FST-7 is not a workout to lose weight.  It is too strenuous for a calorie-restricted diet.  This is a bulking routine best used to add muscle, especially in hard to grow areas.  That means getting more calories, not less, than you need.  There will be time to strip off whatever fat is added later, but during FST-7 is not the time.  

4.  Form is key.  In free squats the other day I tweaked a knee.  It still hurts.  My guess is I focused on weight more than form and I strained a tendon or ligament.    

5.  The higher than normal amount of microscopic tears in the muscle caused by FST-7 training necessitates a little more recovery time than standard training protocols.  However, smaller body parts like arms and calves can be trained twice a week.  For example, we have set up our routine so that biceps and calves are trained twice week in an effort to play "catch up" in these body parts.  

Because we will miss Monday, we are working out tomorrow (Sunday) which is usually a day off.  This happens on the road, too.  I know I have to get 5 workouts in within each 7 day period.  I do what it takes to get that done, even if it means changing days or changing times.  

More on that topic in a future blog . . .

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