Thursday, February 11, 2010

Are You "Overtraining?" These Are The Signs . . .

Kelly and I have been in an "Active Recovery" phase for the last two weeks. In our current routine, there are two weeks of "active recovery" followed by three weeks of high volume called the "loading phase," followed by three weeks of lower volume, heavy weight, called the "growth phase." More on those later . . .

The Active Recovery Phase has three main functions:

•First, according to leading strength expert Tudor Bompa, Ph.D., “you are trying to adapt the anatomy of the body to the upcoming training so that you can create, or produce an injury free environment”. Essentially, your tendons and ligaments should be strong enough to support the stressful periods that will follow.

•Second, this phase is a great time to address any strength imbalance that your body might have. This is the reason why mostly dumbbell work will be used during this phase.

•Finally, this phase will act as a great time in which the body will re-charge its energy stores and allow for complete physical and mental recuperation.

What put us into Active Recovery were signs of overtraining, all too common but that lead to unfortunate consequences.

How can you tell if you are overtraining? Read this -- a discussion of the signs of this dynamic you want to avoid.

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