Friday, March 19, 2010

Training on the road . . . making the best of it

In St. Louis, Missouri for a week and so training and watching the diet on the road.

Both are tougher out here.

First, you're not in the home gym -- a place you know the equipment, the people, and feel comfortable. I've found the solution to be -- "do your research." Find a gym before you get there and make sure it has what you need. In this case, I researched and found two gyms close to my hotel. When I got here I visited both, made a decision, and have trained each day there since. And, I have found one advantage that I focus on -- different equipment hit the muscles differently, and that's good. So I always try to find a piece of equipment that is like, but not exactly the same, as I use at home.

Second, diet. I bring my supplements and my protein on the road. But, eventually you have to eat regular food. That means cooking yourself when you can. It is why I always get a room that has a mini-fridge and microwave. I went to Costco and got some Kirkland egg whites which takes care of a meal or two each day. I also went to Whole Foods and bought some Bob's Red Mill 5 Grain cereal that I mix with water, put in the microwave, and then add Syntha-6 in the mornings. Still, you have to eat out from time to time and that's where it gets tricky. I try to order things that I recognize on the plate -- nothing processed where they can put things into the food I can't see. Even then I know I will suffer a sodium hit each time I eat out and there is little that can be done about that.

In short, there's no place like home. But when you're not at home, you have to get creative.

I'm still in Growth Phase -- heavy weight, fewer reps and sets. Today was Shoulders and Arms. We have the rest of this week and next and we finish this series.

Kelly and I are both looking forward to April 15 to being our cutting diets again -- 6 weeks looking forward to a lean summer.

Have a great weekend!


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