Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 4: Olympia: Press Conference and Meeting The Guys

Today was an off day from the gym and a good thing -- we were busy all day.  We did cardio this morning before going to the Olympia press conference but after that it was full speed ahead until now -- about 10 p.m. Las Vegas time . . .

The press conference featured all 22 contestants -- everyone had a chance to speak.  And, I was impressed for the most part.  Most outside physique competition believe the body building culture is all about ego, but you would have never guessed it hearing these competitors speak.  Except for one rookie, the word of the day was humility.  Each expressed gratefulness to be able to compete at this level, acknowledged that on any given day anyone of them could win, and importantly, that they didn't think about the others and what they were doing or had done, but only about bringing their own best to the show.

After a little sushi and shopping this afternoon, it was back to meet some of the guys this evening, including Jay Cutler (current Mr. Olympia) and Dexter Jackson (Mr. Olympia 2008).  Both were gracious and, while confident, nothing was assumed.  Both are quiet and serious.

Tomorrow begins the Expo -- we will be there first thing -- everything new will be on display, including foods, supplements and equipment.  A lot of the former champions will be there pitching for whoever is paying them at the moment and it is good to revisit history with them.

Until tomorrow, good night.


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