Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Opportunities On The Road - Legs at Gold's Gym - Arlington, Texas

In the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, my favorite gym is, and has been for some time, Gold's Gym off Interstate 20 in Arlington.  Again today I was not disappointed . . .

Wednesday is leg day and it is important to line up the best equipment for the biggest body part.

At this Gold's they have what it takes, including three of my favorite leg machines:

1.  Icarian Plate Loaded Standing Squat - this mimics the barbell squat without as much danger of injury.

2.  Horizonal Leg Press - there is no manufacturer's name on this but it is a great piece of equipment.  You lie flat on the floor on your back (there is a pad) and push straight up against a plate loaded press.  These used to be popular back in the days of Pumping Iron and I don't know why most gyms got rid of this killer piece of equipment.

3.  Icarian Standing Face In Calf Machine -- on an angle, this pin-loaded machine supports the entire front of  your body as  you do calf raises.  Really smokes them!

This gym (which is my brother's home gym) has the right vibe, a good mix of fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, and has the best equipment pound for pound as I have seen in any gym, and that includes Gold's Venice Beach.  Perhaps the only improvement that needs to be made is the cardio equipment.  It is old and looks and feels that way. 

It was a trek over there this morning but well worth it.  Tomorrow morning is shoulders and we may use the hotel gym as a test to see if we can get a full-bore shoulder routine.  If not, I may drive over to Arlington again.  I just can't get enough of this club. 

Thanks to Ken and Mauri for the invite and to the club's friendly staff who made us feel welcome. 

Until tomorrow, train hard; diet harder.


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