Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Olympia: Day 2: Back/Planning

Got up this morning and did cardio.

Back upstairs, meal, relaxed a little, and then went to the gym to train back -- 20 sets today, good workout, different equipment.

Walked most of the day around the Strip in Vegas.  Did Meal 4 at Denny's -- 3 orders egg whites and 2 whole wheat pancakes.  Checked out the Aria which we had not seen before.

If legs were not slated for tomorrow morning, I would think seriously about double cardio today -- not because the diet has been off but because the flying smooths me out, that is I'm holding a lot of water.  I'm not big into diuretics and so I've found upping the cardio can help break water retainage.

But legs are tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it.  We're going to work out at the Gold's Gym where Jay Cutler trains (current Mr. Olympia) and I want the experience to be memorable, that is strong.  I've found that if I trounce cardio the afternoon or evening before legs I can't handle as much.  I want the legs  to be fresh in the morning.

Took a nap about 3:30 p.m.  Slept an hour.  Feel better.

Planned out the Olympia experience which begins tomorrow when we pick up our VIP passes.  

Now we are deciding on what's for dinner and where.

Last year we at Joe's in Caesar's Palace -- great seafood.  May go there again.

Have also heard good things about "Stacks" in the Mirage.

Either way we plan on eating clean.

More tomorrow.

Train hard; diet harder.



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