Sunday, September 5, 2010

Opportunities On the Road: The Last Three Gyms

Back home tonight  . . . but before getting here, however, I worked out in 3 more gyms in Texas:

1.  L.A. Fitness (North Arlington) - Totally unlike the Irving, Texas L.A. Fitness I wrote about in an earlier blog.  This had a good vibe, a good mix of people, a few hard-core (including my son who pulled 8 reps at 405 on the deadlift).  Good equipment, but it still had an antiseptic feel, and I'm not sure I could make a regular habit of L.A. Fitness.  

2.  Gold's Gym (South Arlington) - I've worked out in this gym before and like it a lot.  This is the gym my brother has worked out in for years and it has an almost perfect mix of modern and old-time hard-core.  In the latter regard, it has a horizontal leg press machine, i.e., leg presses from flat on your back.  I could barely walk the next day.  The free weights are in a room all their own.  Lots of heavy duty equipment here, not much fancy.  Only downside is the cardio equipment -- most of the elliptical trainers are worn out.

3.  Cleburne Fitness Center (Cleburne, Texas) - This is a small town gym in a small town south of Ft. Worth, Texas.  Decent equipment but an old vibe from mostly older people, some of whom want to talk more than they want to work out.  I worked out alone here and it reminds of the importance of a workout partner.  Arnold said that a workout partner was the most important asset in his success as a bodybuilder.  I believe it.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to getting back into my home gym, Fitness International.  Lots of people I know and it is a friendly place which I find to be a real asset.

The point of this series?  Look at opportunities to work out in new and different gyms as just that -- opportunities.  Experiment with new equipment even if what you normally use is sitting right there.  I always find that I get more sore using different equipment than I can using what I'm used to.  And that's a good thing.

Train hard; diet harder!


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