Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 6 (Post-Show): Olympia: Jay Cutler Takes His Fourth

Back to the condo from the Olympia show at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas . . .

It was all I'd hoped for . . .

A close contest -- Jay Cutler retained his title, followed by Phil Heath, a close second, and Branch Warren, who placed third.

Many thought Phil won it, but when its close, the tie goes to the champion and that's what happened here.

Most memorable from this evening was seeing all 12 Olympia winners on one stage at one time.  Actually, it was 11 of 12 with the 12th (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sending a videotape.  From 1965 until today, there have only been 12 winners of this Superbowl of professional physique competition.

Until recently, not even the very best could make a living at bodybuilding and most professionals still can't.  It means they have the dedication and commitment to do it even though most are working day jobs.  It means they love what they do and that's a rare gift.

Tomorrow will be the last Olympia event -- a seminar given by some of the competitors on training and diet.

We'll be there and report back what we learn.

Train hard; diet harder.


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