Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Trip to 2010 Olympia Begins . . .

Technically, it begins tomorrow morning early.  We have a 9:30 a.m. plane to Houston and then on to Las Vegas, arriving there about 3:45 p.m.  Then headed to the MGM Signature where we have rented a condo, put our things away and head to the gym.  Which brings me to . . .

RULE NUMBER 1:  NEVER MISS WORKOUTS.  At home we workout about 8 a.m., but when on the road, we workout when we can.

Today is prep-day.  That means getting the usual things in bags -- clothes, swim suits, etc.  But it also means our workout gear -- gloves, belts, straps.  Which brings me to . . .

RULE NUMBER 2:  DON'T USE BEING ON THE ROAD AS AN EXCUSE FOR ANYTHING.  Take your stuff with you.  Your workouts out there need to be as good or better than those in your gym at home.

We also are packing food to get through the long travel day tomorrow.  I cooked half a dozen chicken breasts on the grill, put them in freezer bags and in the refrigerator.  I'll pull them out on our way out the door in the morning and we'll eat them throughout the day.  Same thing with a couple of sweet potatoes.  They travel well cooked.  We refilled our supplement boxes with our vitamins, minerals, etc. for 8 days.  And, we packaged up enough Syntha-6 and Casein protein to get us through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The show actually begins Thursday and we'll be able to replenish supply there.  We've been to Vegas enough to know how to find Whole Foods and restaurants where we can eat clean throughout the week.  Which brings me to . . .

RULE NMBER 3:  YOU CAN EAT CLEAN ON THE ROAD IF YOU WANT TO.  No excuses; only a lack of preparation and commitment can stop you.

Over the next week, I will blog regularly about the goings on at Mr. Olympia Weekend.  You can find out more at

Have a great week!  Train hard; diet harder!


Jim and Kelly

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