Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 3: Olympia 2010: Legs/Gold's Sahara

Getting into the groove now . . .

Worked out this morning at Gold's Sahara here in Vegas.  This is the gym Jay Cutler is using (and has used for years).  He lives in Las Vegas and he's preparing to defend his Olympia title.  It was legs for us today.  I have to admit I felt small, very small, around a lot of the guys (and a few of the girls) working out this morning.  These are the best of the best.

But, regardless of size, Gold's Sahara is hard-core and has some great equipment.  I'm convinced that Icarian makes the best leg machines around, including leg press and hack squat machines.

Meals up until this evening, pretty normal.

Went over to the Orleans Arena early this afternoon, picked up our VIP passes and met some people involved with the Olympia production.  Nice folks.

Back to the hotel.  Early dinner tonight at Joe's Stone Crab in Caesar's Palace.  Last night we dined at Shibuya (sushi) in the MGM.  Great meals, both.  Definitely double-cardio tomorrow . . .

Will attend the first Olympia press conference tomorrow.  Looking forward to watching the big guys try to psyche each other out even though I know it is more for show than real.  These are all professionals, years of experience, and nothing much phases them.  All of them have everything it takes to win -- like  PGA golfers, they all hit all the clubs in their bag.  It's a matter of fine points now, very fine points that will separate the top 6 from the rest of the field.

Before it is all said and done, we'll be back at Gold's Sahara to watch some of the competitors get in their final workouts.  Even though I've come to know what to expect, I'm still staggered by the weight most of the guys can handle.  What provides we older guys comfort is that most of the competitors are not 20-somethings.  In fact none of them are.  Most are in their late-30's and early 40's.  I'm convinced there is no way to win Olympia (man or woman) younger than the mid-30's.  Why?  Just not enough years in the gym to build the kind of physique necessary to be competitive at that level.  To the end of age, we saw a guy at Gold's today -- had to be near 70 -- about 215 pounds, no fat.  Which just proves that it can be done.  Success in this realm just requires what anything worth having requires -- dedication, focus and a lot of hard work.

Tomorrow I'll let you know what goes at the Olympia press conference and then Friday it's full-bore all the way through Sunday morning.  There is lots coming your way . . .

Train hard; diet harder.


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