Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 5: Olympia: Shoulders, Expo and Frank Zane

Big day today in Las Vegas.

Cardio this morning first thing.

Then to the convention center for the Olympia Expo.  It's a huge giveaway -- supplements, magazines, and lots of contests.  Walking down an aisle I saw Frank Zane.  He was a hero of mine back in the 70's, a three-time Mr. Olympia.

Then to Gold's - Sahara for a challenging shoulder/trap routine.  Here's a photo of this hard-core gym . . .

Then off to a late lunch, back to the hotel for a couple of hours in the sun by the pool and then off to a show tonight.

But tomorrow night is the real show -- Mr. Olympia.  More then . . .

Train hard; diet harder.


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